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Windows 10 upgrade isn't as free as you think


It turns out, we really shouldn't ignore the fine print on Windows agreements. Like most people I received an offer to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.  As I consider Windows 8 to be the OS equivalent of what's left over in your toilet bowl after you forget to flush for a week, I welcomed a FREE upgrade to anyyyyything else.  But it's not really free:

Check out the full story here by Forbes

I sincerely believe that Microsoft's previous marketing plan  went like this:

"Hey guys, why did we make this version of Windows so f***ing terrible that everyone who uses it burns their pc to the ground or slashes their wrists?"

"Oh that's our marketing strategy, this way every second version of Windows looks good by comparison. It's called grading-on-a-curve."

"But why would people not just avoid the bad versions of Windows?"

"They try to, but we leave horrible vulnerabilities in the good version of the software and eventually stop supporting it to the point that while it's the most usable OS on the market, it will be so full of viruses and hackers it's essentially a security timebomb - also we'll make sure that all the new peripherals that come out only have drivers that work with the new interim Windows Turd that we're pedaling until the release of our next good version..."

Apparently using emotional pain to convince people to buy the next version of Windows wasn't enough of a winning strategy, now we're turning Windows into ransom-ware.

EDIT:  Apparently emotional pain is in fact enough to make people switch. More news on whether or not you qualify for free upgrade can be found here.

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