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Star Trek: Renegades, will be your next ST TV series


I have no idea how I've never heard of this before as I am a massive Star Trek fan.  Tim Russ, best known as Tuvoc on Star Trek:Voyager, has somehow cobbled together a series of regulars from Voyager, Deep Space Nine, The Original Series and other cult sci-fi series and received funding via an Indi-go-go campaign to create a new Star Trek series.

"Star Trek: Renegades is an independently produced television pilot for a new Star Trek series. Several former Star Trek actors will appear, including Walter Koenig, Robert Picardo, Manu Intiraymi, and Tim Russ. Tim Russ will also direct the pilot." (Wiki)

I have no idea if this will be awesome of awful but the casting is amazing and the trailer looks quite promising.  Here's to hoping it's a win.

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