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So this guy walks into a blog...

It’s time to hit the books again, or at least, write another one.

Its takes me about a year to finish a novel, and that’s before research.  Monday I’ll be starting research mode again so I can meet my Christmas of 2016 deadline for my next novel (The DickWhisperer) that means blogging will take a backseat and become intermittent at best.
If you want to stay abreast of funnies and news I’ll still be sharing things I find interesting, but don’t require writing, to the facebook page.  In the meantime, please pick up a copy of my last novel “Cockblocked by Jesus” or read this sample here, and tell your friends about it.

News on my upcoming novel “The DickWhisperer” will be over at under Novels News as info becomes available.

A massive thank you to all the people who keep coming back to the site and that continue to encourage me, you make it possible for an antisocial misfit to be brave enough to bash out more words.

So my fellow nerds, until next we meet, live long and prosper.

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