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Smart Phones and Smart... Pants?


This is one of those moments where I get feel old, real old, cause... I don't entirely get it. 

In an announcement that sounds like an article straight off "", Google announced that it is teaming up with Levi Jeans to make smart pants as part of something called "Project Jacquard".  The plan is to turn your everyday jeans into "a virtual sync centre for your phone".  So all your mobile devices, your phone, your tablet, your ipad etc will be able to sync... via your pants.

The jeans will include bluetooth connectivity and a power source.

“As far as yarn thickness goes, we’re not almost in the same ballpark,” said Dillinger “We are already in the same ballpark. Google has accepted the supply chain for what it is and there’s no modification for any of the looms as we’ve been working with this.
Fundamentally, this is empowering the garment as a platform, not the garment as a device,” he added.
Does this mean I can use my ass to hack people in the future?  Like, use my jeans as a listening device for anyone with an unsecure blue tooth device? If so, I suppose that means there is finally a chance that lonely basement dwelling tech nerds (like me) will get into someone else's pants.


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