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Pics from the set of the upcoming NETFLIX X-Files series


X-Files makes me man-moist in ways there aren't words for, and not just because I'd seriously consider attempting to go man-love-gay for David Duchovny, particularly if he said Gillian Anderson would join us. 

When I was a kid The X-Files was the one show you didn't miss, it just wasn't done - it was like the 90's version of Game of Thrones (as in, missing it meant social death).  The day after each episode screened, my school devolved into non-stop X-File debates as to where the series was going and why David or Gillian were the hottest people to have ever lived.  I personally was very grateful for that particular foible as it meant I stopped being beaten up as much in high school, because suddenly, sci-fi was cool.  Whereas my previous nerd fetishism for Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr Who and BattleStar Galactica were weird, now they were almost mainstream, purely because Sci-Fi was in; so on a personal level, thank you X-files for helping me keep all my teeth despite my uber nerdiness.

The new series of X-Files is coming to us courtesy of Netflix and as you can see from the pics below features Community's Joel McHale, as a conservative news reporter, who eventually becomes a source for Duchovny's character of Mulder. 

The show is set to debut at the start of January next year, and I have to say - I'm psyched!


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