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FIFA 16 trailer drops... and it's timing is awkward


This is an awkward time for FIFA right now. The biggest scandal since the organisations inception has just hit, their president of 17 years just stepped down, and their treatment of women's soccer has come under fire - so the timing of the FIFA16 trailer... it's just bad.  On the upside it's the first time that women's soccer teams have been included in the game, however even this was met with vitriol from some fans. 

Don't get me wrong, while I'm a massive fan of the series I'm not the guy who needs to buy a new copy of FIFA every year, so while I'm happy to see a new FIFA and while it looks great, I'm kind of just "meh" as well.  I'm very happy with FIFA15 so the inclusions of women's teams is the only new exciting thing in FIFA16, and seeing as the women's world cup is struggling to fill stadiums with a capacity of only 30,000 people, I doubt I'm alone in saying that it's not enough to make me part with my money.

Still if you haven't bought FIFA15, this newest version of FIFA definitely looks like something you should invest in.

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