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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood has some sexy looking gameplay


When Wolfenstein first came out it was the most confrontational, controversial game that had ever been made.  Sure there was blood and gore but the blatant use of Nazi symbolism made quite a few people go nuts at what they felt was the glorification of the Nazi era.  As someone who was raised in the "New Republic of Germany", or at least that's what my dad called my house, trust me, the German people have been collectively doing a duck-and-cover routine to attempt to distance themselves from Germany's ugly war past as far as possible. We're the last people on earth glorifying the Nazi era, particularly as being made to be the bad guys of X number of games and movies even though a dozen wars have passed between now and WW2, isn't thrilling either.

That being said - I have loved the f*** out of every Wolfenstein game I've ever played and am looking forward to this next one, a game where they have gone out of their way to pay respects to history.

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