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Romero's Aftermath. Get a free copy of the zombie MMO


Romero's Aftermath is a little bit infamous.  The game originally started out under the the title of War Z but then had to change it's name after it ran into trademark infringement issues, it then re-incarnated under the title Infestation: Survivor Stories.  Now it's essentially been redeveloped from scratch under the the heading Romero's Aftermath

The name Romero has a lot of power with zombie cult-horror-fans thanks to the many works of George R. Romero in this genre, a man who is ultimately considered the father of the zombie horror franchise - that however is not the Romero associated with this game, rather  the Romero in question is his son... Realistically that means this game should be called Son of Romero's Aftermath or Romero Jr's Aftermath, but I doubt the people in marketing thought that would sell as well.

On one hand I think "Ok, I get it. The market is flooded with zombie games and you needed a point of difference," but on the other hand, this just feels like cheap misleading marketing which makes me question the rest of the game. 

Still the game looks graphically appealing, the world is interesting and the gameplay looks decent.  

If you want to give the game a dig you can play it for free if you follow these steps:

1) Download and install game client at
2) Launch game
3) When prompted for serial code at account registration page enter following code 


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