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Prepare for the new LIVE ACTION 6-button Guitar Hero


Guitar Hero had been one of my party staples for near on a decade thanks to copious amounts of alcohol and a big screen projector, so when they killed the franchise I was pretty bummed.  As you can you imagine, news at the resurrection and re-invention of the series as Guitar Hero Live, has got me pretty excited!

In the new take on the GH franchise the cartoony graphics are being ditched in favor of a live crowd and band made up of actors, all of who will respond to however you play. Play well - they rock out - play bad, prepare for faces of displeasure.

The most important change is the reinvention of the keys on the guitar.  If you're anything like me, you're kind of pinky retarded so playing the five keys down the length of the guitar meant songs that required you to use your pinky often had you falling to pieces - from a realism perspective it also meant you played like you were using 'hammer-on's on a drop-tuned guitar rather than fingering down on strings.  The new guitar has six buttons set up as a three-button top row, and a three-button bottom row, adding complexity and the more realistic feel of pushing down with your finger tips instead of the flats of your fingers.

What do you think, are you glad to see the return of Guitar Hero or should it have stayed in the entertainment graveyard?

In the new guitar hero the buttons are stacked in two rows, not just down the length of the guitar
The new GHL guitar

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