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Get ready for the POLTERGEIST remake


Poltergeist destroyed me as a child, and considering the slew of movie remakes that have happened over recent years, I always wondered how it was possible that this movie was not the top pick for horror movie reboot.  Well, it's finally made the cut as it will be released in cinema's this May.

This is probably one of the quietest releases of classic movie remake ever. I had heard absolutely nothing about this until it appeared in a friends Facebook news feed - which is surprising as it's put together by the people who did Evil Dead and The Grudge - two of the greatest horror movies ever made.  The trailer above is a pretty good indication of what the movie will be like, but avoid looking at many others - the one I saw before this trailer basically gave away what I suspect is most of the good bits of the film.  Still, I'm excited for this movie.

The original
The remake

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