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D&D tabletop gaming... via Steam?


I was an avid Roleplay nerd, but then life happened.

As a kid I was always a solid book nerd first. I read every Choose Your Own Adventure and Pick a Path book, then moved on to Fighting Fantasy game novels.  When someone finally told me that you could play these kind of fantasy games with a group of people, where one person in the group actually drew up the story rather than having to buy a pre-written book, I was intrigued.  Warhammer Fantasty Roleplay was my starting point in table-top roleplay but I branched out to every other RPG I could get my hands on from there, including the grand daddy of them all - Dungeons and Dragons.

The problem with D&D and every similar RPG is that you drift from the people you played with, you all move, you go your own ways, you have kids, work etc  Finding the time to all meet at the same location for a session becomes more and more difficult.  However now thanks to Fantasy Grounds and Wizards of the Coast you can have remote live action roleplay sessions via a 3d tabletop D&D map and dice system availabe via steam.

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