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Unreal Tournament 4!!!


When I turned 21 (before online gaming got real in Australia) I started running the tech department for a private college... which meant I was able to take home spares of network hubs, routers and old outdated (but upgradeable) pc's.  I also had an entire downstairs level in my home with nothing in it...

Thereafter I created just one giant PC gaming LAN of Doom and my house became the every other weekend gaming Mecca with every person I knew with an interest in gaming coming by my place for LANFEST.  One of the great staples of that fest?  Unreal Tournament.

Unreal Tournament has remained a staple, in it's various incarnations, for over a decade for many FPS gamers because there is nothing as sweet as zero-grav jumping from side of the map to the other and fragging someone in mid air as you do so.  Unreal Tournament 4 is now in it's alpha and you can click here to sign up and become part of their playing / testing community.

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