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The return of "Community"... unless you're Australian...


Community is one of the greatest things to every hit the small screen. Personally, if Alison Brie made a commercial for adult-incontinence... I'd still watch it, I love her that much - the fact the Community happens to be awesome is just an added bonus.

There is a god, Alison Brie be thy name *Insert the chorus of angels here*
The series died recently but to my utter glee was resurrected by Yahoo as a webseries so if you're in America you can watch it here...  unfortunately, like most things in life, it isn't availabe to Australians.

YO! America entertainment corporations - do you know why Australia has the highest number of internet pirates per capita?  Because you morons won't let us get your content through legimate channels.

Not that I condone piracy.

'Scuse me, I need to go polish my peg leg and cutlass now.

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