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Spiderman's black... and has been for ages, so chillax!


People get shitty when you take away their toys, or like, change them significantly.  Follow anything with a cult fanbase ever and this will be of absolutely no surprise to you, I mean if you want to see true rage just show a Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter fan this and prepare for fireworks.

Spiderman fans are up in arms because word is the next Spiderman will be black.  I raised my eyebrows for half a second at this and then went "m'kay" and moved on, but the internet has whole sections of fanboys/girls losing their freaking minds... which I find a little bit funny, cause Spiderman's been black for ages... (Spoilers ahead)

The people who are losing their minds are the kind of people who are either racist turds or people who are going to refer to themselves as serious Spiderman fans (and I support serious fandom)... but if you're a serious Spiderman fan you'll already know about Miles Morales.

Miles is a Black Hispanic (two minorities for the price of one - high five!) who first appeared in 2011's Ultimate Fallout #4 as the person to take over Peter Parker's role after he died in the 2011 Death of Spiderman.  There were people who weren't happy about that change back in 2011 to someone of color, which I also find funny because this isn't even the first time that Spiderman was played by a non-white.  In 1992, well before Miles took the helm as Spiderman, the half-Mexican Miguel O'Hara played a futuristic version of Spiderman in the comic book series Spider-Man 2099... because apparently in 2099 we stop being racist twats.

So you see, people aren't taking away our toys, we're just sharing them around and have been for years.

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