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Rogue Nation returns us to the REAL action movie


There was a period of time where action heroes didn't need to come from comic books to be awesome, and Tom Cruise owned that period of time.  Is Tom's religion screwy?*  Sure.  Does it appear in the movie?  No, so who gives a damn about his personal beliefs.  Tom can portray an action hero like few people on the planet - he's a freaking action star - full stop.

Unfortunately a few of his last movies (eg Jack Reacher) sucked, not because of Tom mind you - he performed his part perfectly - the movies sucked because the action genre has been politicised into the ground. Men aren't allowed to rescue anyone anymore unless you're related to rescuee (eg Taken). Action movies once celebrated masculinity, and somewhere in the bid to empower women it was decided that we're not allowed to celebrate men-bravely-doing-things which is amazing as the majority of all heroic work (work that requires you to potentially sacrifice your life in service to another) such as fireman, policeman, soldier etc continues to be represented almost completely by men.

But fuck those guys right...? *cough* Down with the Patriarchy *cough*

Sorry, getting off my soapbox.

This movie looks awesome, largely because it actually looks like an action movie - buff guys are buff, sexy ladies are sexy - EVERYONE kicks ass... The people in this are an action TEAM.

That ladies and gentlemen, is how an action movie is supposed to look
*I seriously question the judgement of people who have a problem if a spaceship brought your religions holy message... but are fine with idea that the world is damned because talking snake lied to the worlds first woman, short version all religion is weird and I don't care what your personal beliefs are if you make a damn good movie - art is separate from artist.

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