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BloodBowl 2 is the Warhammer /NFL sports madness you need to play


I'm a bit odd compared to most Australians and one of the reasons for that is that I love NFL.

American Football isn't played here in Australia but I was given the chance to a play flag football version of it vs the seniors during my first year of high school... and I instantly fell in love with the role of sacker.  I did most of my growing during my junior year, and as I'd spent almost the entirety of my primary school years running as fast as I could in the opposite direction of the racist f***wits that I grew up with, I had become stocky but insanely fast (by year 9 my 100m sprint was at 10.2 seconds, I was told I'd have crack 10 seconds to qualify for a position at the Olympics, but never could get under 10 seconds).  Stocky and quick made me perfect for the role of sacker.

In year 10 I was introduced to something else also - Warhammer.

Bloodbowl is American Football meets the bloodthirsty universe of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, a game in which you can not only sack your opponents, you can kill them, bribe the ref, and lead a horde of fantasy units to herioc, glorious victory.

Check out this GameSpot look at Bloodbowl 2.

If you like this kind of thing and want a smaller faster version of something like this, dust off your old XBOX and play a game called Deathrow, it's freaking awesome fun.

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