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Maggie: You'll never look at zombie films the same again


This is not your traditional shuffle-and-moan zombie movie.

I was actually pretty pissed when I first heard about Maggie.  I'd had plans for a little while to write a non-traditional horror novel revolving around a father trying to come to terms with his son being infected by the zombie virus.  As I was writing the outline, I stumbled across the pitch for "Maggie"... then threw the outline away.

Maggie follows Arnold Schwarzenegger as the father of a girl infected with the zombie virus and follows her slow gritty descent into becoming a member of the infected.  Rather than focus on "grrr brains" it allows the viewer to observe the human aspect of watching someone you love slowly succumb to a disease, supporting that someone you love, regardless of the consequences.

I personally can't wait to watch this.

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