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80's themed horror games coming soon


If you're into the horror genre prepare for gaming good-times with the imminent arrival of not one, but two, 80's themed horror games!

Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp in which you will be able to play either a student or "The Slasher" is first of the rank.  Anyone who's an 80's horror-slasher fan will be impressed with the people behind the game such as Harry Manfredini (Composer - Friday the 13th) and Tom Savini (FX - Dawn of the Dead).  The game will also feature Jason Vorhee's himself from the Friday the 13th movies, actor Kane Hodder.

Following close on it's heals is Splatter Camp, which is being developed by the creator of the movie "Halloween" and the game "Babysitter Bloodbath".



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