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Would you have played a game that is essentially Arkham Asylum + Mordor with vampires?


The only thing I love more than zombie games, are vampire games - mainly because I'm gaga for vampires.  No I don't mean 'sparkle-town' happy vampires, I mean the visceral "rip your face off and look good doing it" vampires of old.  While the greatest vampire game of all time is Bloodlines, there was one other decent vampire saga and that was the Legacy of Kain franchise.

Legacy's failing was that it wasn't dark enough.  While it had a great story behind it, you didn't engage with the character in the same way that you did with Bloodlines and I think that's mainly because it's so focused on hack and slash.  However, this was all going to be turned around in the games latest incarnation which was unfortunately cancelled.

If you watch the video above you will see leaked footage of game play from Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun and if you watch it you will notice very familiar combat and architecture, similarly to the Batman Arkham games as well as Shadow of Mordor.  All the ways that the Kain series fell down look like they were overcome in this version... but it was canned after three years of development because the people at the helm felt it would not meet sales expecations.

I personally am gutted, this looked great!  What do you think, would you have played it?

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