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The new ALIEN movie cometh


I am a massive ALIENS fan.  The original film Alien was something I watched when I was about four years old with my dad (parenting FTW dad, lol) and it was one of the first movies to ever give me nightmares. 

I have a tendency of becoming fascninated by whatever scares me however so years later when the sequel came out, I was well and truly ready to be hooked into the franchise.  After a long break it appears the legendary Sci-fi franchise is about to get its latest offering...

Niell Blomkamp who is best known for his movie "District 9", was offered the helm as Director of a new Alien movie by 20th Century Fox. 

The movie deal suffered some on again off again problems (see above) but appears to be on again with an instagram going up on BlomKamp's account with the caption "Um... so I think it's officially my new film #Alien".

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