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The greatest zombie game of all time get's a revamp


Ask anyone and they will tell you, I am a zombie nut and have been quietly planning for the zombie apocalypse since I was like eight.  I know that sounds weird but my mother used to be heavily medicated when I was a kid which meant part of my childhood involved my mum not knowing who I was while shambling around my house in a semi-comatose state while making  low moaning noises....


Anyway I love zombie survival games, not mindless run-and-gun blow all the zombie's away games, but the "you need to think, plan and build to survive against the inevitable threat of the horde."  Without a doubt the game to do this best is State of Decay.  Yes Dead Island is a close second, I haven't played Dying Light and I know DayZ  is massively popular... but DayZ fails in all kinds of ways eg:
  • If you can'tat least pick up a stick or a rock and defend yourself, the game fails. One of my only evolutionary advantages is the ability to use tools, the zombies are already undead - let's make the fight at least remotely even.
  • If I can't kick down a door just because it's locked, but a zombie can walk through a door you've closed behind you, it fails.  Either we can both open barred doors, or neither of us of can.
  • I have jumped off about a billion stairs in my life and never broken my leg once, but can't seem to do the same in DayZ.

Sorry, I'm ranting.

State of Decay does "think and survive the zombie threat" better than anything else out there, with it's only true failure being a lack of multi-player support.  It invented zombie open world base building, crafting and adds a tower defense mechanism that almost all other Z-focused games fail at.  Short version - I've logged huuuundreds of hours on this game and it's expansions and they are all receiving a massive overhaul thanks to the State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition.

Find out more about the new version here.

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