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The binding of Isaac explained


The Binding of Isaac  was a smash hit on Steam (check it out here) but it left players with a lot of questions.  If you haven't seen the game before it's pretty dark and twisted about a small boy named Isaac who's mother takes christian zealotry to all new levels when the voice of god orders her to kill her son.  Isaac escapes through a trap door in the floor to fight a host of monsters, using his tears as projectiles.

Like I said, dark and twisted and obviously based on the biblical tale of Abraham being asked to sacrifice his son Isaac.  Clearly this game generated a lot of heated debate, but what is the game really about?  That is open to some interpretation.

The video above done by Game Theory gives a pretty impressive rundown on the game and what it all signifies so if you enjoyed the game give it a view - if you haven't played the game, get it now, it's awesome.

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