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Spoilers! New Secrets for Star Wars 7


Star Wars 7 fills me with glee and dread because all I want the twats over in Hollywood to do is build movies based on the tried and true novels that revolve around the Star Trek universe (Thrawn trilogy, please - make - the Thrawn - trilogy), yet Disney seems determined to destroy my childhood and adult dreams by turning Star Wars into Twilight vs Hunger Games + Jedi, or in other words was rumored to be taking the worst element from the Jedi Search novels (all the Jedi kids) and building the movie around that... or are they?


Nerdist has reveals about the series that gives me hope - for instance how would you feel about the new movie featuring all new Huts? Sith inquisitors? A weaponised planet? And Princess Leia deciding whether to wield a New Republic Death Star?  Check out the video below for more...

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