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Beware what you Kickstart - the demise of The Stomping Land


The Stomping Land was a Kickstarter project that promised a unique Dinosaur Survival sandbox type game, and it looked cool as hell.  The Early Access portions of the game went well and it recieved around $114k in Kickstarter donations...

...and now it's gone.  Here's what SourceFed had to say:

4,400+ eager gamers raised $114k on Kickstarter for game developer Alex Fundora’s The Stomping Land, a multiplayer dinosaur-survival video game promising traps, resource salvaging, and tribal formations. Now Vlad Konstantino, The Stomping Land‘s in-game model designer, has suggested that Fundora has since disappeared and the game might never see completion:
“I’m sad to say this but I have to temporarily freeze all my work for TLS project. More than a month has passed since the day when I received the last reply from Jig. I’ve sent him 5 messages and haven’t got any single reply. I don’t know, probably he has some serious reasons to ignore me (and whole community) but to my mind there are no excuses for such behavior. Not to mention the fact that Jig owes me the money for the latest model, he’s put me in a very difficult situation because now I will have to pay our texture artist for his work from my own pocket. “If this silence continues I will stop my participation in TSL and start taking the necessary measures to cover my expenses (sell the models for example).”
Apparently, Konstantino already has moved on: the developers for Beasts of Prey, another sandbox survival game about dinosaurs, announced that Konstantino recently signed a contract with them and has already supplied an Ankylosaurus model.
Users have reached out to Kickstarter Support regarding refunds, but the outlook appears less than positive:
“I’m sorry to hear that this has not been a better experience for you and other backers of The Stomping Land project. I do see that we’ve reached out to this creator in the past to remind them of their obligations, as well as our expectations regarding communication. I’m sorry they haven’t yet responded to you and other members of their backer community.
If you feel as though this creator has not made a good faith effort to complete their project as promised, we’d appreciate if you could share some feedback about your experience using our Project Feedback Form.”
Looks like another Kickstarter has gone the way of the dinosaur, which is a shame both for investors and for the concept.


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