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Scarlett is your new anime Starlett


Scarlett Johansson is our generations new lady action hero.  After racking up wins in the Marvel movies and the more recent action flick, Lucy, she's about to return to our screens for whole new levels of ass-kickery via the Dreamworks adaption of Japanese Anime masterpiece Ghost in the Shell. If you've never seen Ghost in the Shell, just get out, get out now and go get it.

On a personal note I kind have two positions on this:
  1. Omg Scarlett is drool-on-yourself-in-public levels of hot.
  2. Er... I question her screen presence.
Hear me out if you just went "Whaaaaat?" and lost your mind.  

I personally think that the action genre has gone to complete shit.  I'm going to ignore all the male action stars for this conversation and instead point at names like Sigourney Weaver, Uma Thurman and Geena Davis. Now... those women... those women had presence in action movies.  I truely believe that their appearance was largely irrelevant in flicks like Aliens, Kill Bill and The Long Kiss Goodnight.  Those women were female superstars during a period of time where feminists were largely still being called hairy lesbians, so no one took women seriously for a role unless they looked Nicole Kidman or Kim Basinger... and Scarlett is more Kim Basinger than Sigourney.

Also my third and most obvious point on this particularly story...  There were no asian women available for this role?  This is a Japanese franchise and we got a white chick to play the role of lead? *raises eyebrows*  Awwwwkward.

Anyway, while I'm sure that the movie will lose it's soul in the translation onto the Hollywood screen, you know I'll go watch it.

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