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H1Z1 - Zombie apocalypse gaming bliss or the MMO survival next fail train?



Thanks to the world's most unusual childhood, I've been preparing for the zombie apocalypse since I was about eight.  I mean, statistically, I don't think it will really happen... but at fourteen years of age I was making a mental note of scuba stores that might sell shark-mesh and chain-mail diving suits.  I mean, in the world where death comes with a bite, the guy with light-weight, rust-proof shark-mail is king.

Short version - Zombie survival games, particularly those that let you build a real defensible location - make me stupidly giddy with equal amounts of fear and joy.

Enter into this story H1Z1 - an early access zombie survival MMO set in a post apocalyptic world.

A real part of me is very excited for this game.  State of Decay makes me happy beyond words, but Day Z drove me crazy. I like survival games, but when taking a step sideways off a really small ledge can result in a broken leg, it's "realism" has gone too far.  Still if you enjoy that massive open world kind of feel, this is the game try.

One of the major perks over most other survival MMO's is that H1Z1 has PVE servers.  If you're sick of walking out into new games, just trying to learn the basics and some other pro geared-to-the-eyeballs player rips your face off (see games like Rust), this should make you infinitely happy.

The only (though consistent) complaints about this game so far is that it has a 'Pay to Win' feature that will let you purchase air dropped ammo and weapon crates. Personally I think that is only a problem on PVP servers - on PVE... who cares if someone is doing well because they have more dollars?  It isn't working against you.  But on PVP servers... that's rough.

Another mark against the game is the fact that it is buggy as hell, but it's early access - that isn't remotely surprising.

Regardless it's still early days for me. I'd recommend waiting a little while to let the developers work out some more of the kinks.

But enough waffling from me, check out the trailer below and see what you think.

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