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Double Dragon: Neon - Gameplay glimpse and game review


Double Dragon NEON is a remake of the 80’s arcade classic Double Dragon–a franchise which as a child took more time and money from me than my last divorce settlement.

What you need to know about the remake is that graphics are amaze-balls, emphasis on balls.  I mean that the graphics are fabulous but the girls, who in the original wore leotards, have now upgraded (downgraded?) to G-strings. 

“But Dan–aren’t you the least prudish person on earth?”
Yes I am imaginary voice inside my head! But I’m also a dad.

I played the 80s version of this with my seven year old and was really excited to tell him there was a remake.  We were super pumped to sit down and play a modern take on this classic, family friendly, cartoony-graphics, beat-em-up that that I played at my sons age, when suddenly the game turned way sexier than I remembered it being.  My son seemed oblivious to the attire but I felt more and more uncomfortable as we played, and as a result, after 10 minutes I turned it off.

See 10 Mins of the game here and preted I'm a Twitch Streamer :)

That being said, that is totally my fault.  The game is rated ‘T’ for Teens which I assumed meant because of animated violence, but the label does say that it includes partial nudity and suggestive themes—so that’s my fail.

Short version, don’t expect to play this with your kids.

If you’re a nostalgic flash-back gamer like myself, you’ll want to be aware of two things:
From a visual and story progression point of view, this game sticks pretty nicely to the original, so that is a big plus.

The game is way more complex than the original.

The original double dragon used a punch and kick button that could be combined to do fly kicks, spinning kicks, elbows, head-butts and throws. 

This has dodge, punch, kick, throws, sprints, jump, special move and combo buttons–that’s before you add stances, power song combo’s and partner combos.

If you’re new to the franchise this will probably stop the game from getting old and boring quick but as I just wanted to get in there and just smash things with my son, this was another downside as it meant the game actually included grinding concepts and a learning curve when I’d specifically picked this game so I didn’t need to think.

Regardless, the animations, the music, everything had a nice 80’s almost Miami Vice with modern overtones kind of feel.  The movement and button responses on a control pad were smooth, there was nothing sluggish about it though the default keyboard mapping seemed a bit silly as it reversed which hands you would normally use for directional control for almost every console and pc game.  Those keys can be remapped, but again it was another thing that stopped me from being able to just get into a game and play.

If you’re a fan of the Double Dragon franchise, despite my personal annoyances (which are easily overcome) I think this is definitely a game worth getting as it’s only a couple of bucks on Steam.  If you’ve never played a Double Dragon game before and don’t have any happy feelings attached to the franchise, you may want to wait until it’s on special before you commit to it.

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