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Citizens of Earth - political satire gaming FTW



Until this morning I had never heard of the Atlus game Citizens of Earth (COE), but when I started reading it's pitch I got really excited.

COE let's you play the vice president of the world who goes home to his roots for some downtime in suburbia, when the planet is attacked by nefarious forces. Being your standard charismatic yet useless beauracrat you go forth the solve this problem the only way you know how, by getting other people to solve it for you.

COE let's you enlist the help of everyone in the neighbourhood, there are no NPCs in this game, everyone is an enlistable character that can be convinced to join your cause and fight and die for you.

Sounds awesome right?

Graphically it looks like crap though and top down scrollers make me pause.  Still it's only just been released yesterday and all the reviews say good things.  What do you think, worth giving it a try?

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