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Blair Witch 3?



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There isn't much in this world outside of standard dad stuff (see mortgage/kids etc) that scares the bejiggles out of me - The Blair Witch Project is one of those exceptions.

I never understand people who are scared of 'realistic' horror.  I mean, a guy with a knife coming at you might be more likely than a poltergesit... but how is that scary? I sleep with an axe under the dresser in my room.  A guy with a knife breaking into my house will know he has made a terrible error in freaking judgement when he finds an angry, tired, naked fat man charging at him with an axe.  But supernatural horror...

How do I axe a ghost?

When The Blair Witch Project came out they had done such a good job of the marketing it that I thought it was real. The DVD I'd watched with a friend was overdue but to take it back required walking several blocks in the dark and when my mate - another grown man - refused to walk with me, I paid overdue fees rather than leave the house.

The Blair Witch 2 by comparison was a clusterf*** of epic proportions, so you'll excuse me if I pause at the news that a Blair Witch 3 is on its way and am unsure how to feel about it.

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