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Batman VS Superman - will it be one part or two?



So the above screen shot leaked out on the internet and very reasonably fan-boys everywhere went "OMG B vs S will be in two parts".  I completely believe it's possible because the one thing you can rely on movie moguls to do is to try like bastards to squeeze as much money out of a franchise as possible.  However Badass Digest had this to say (Warning, spoilers):

If they were to cut it in half, I guess they could cut it at the big Superman and Batman fight, which comes about halfway through the film. But that fight isn’t huge, and there isn’t enough action in the first half of the movie to make that a whole film all its own. And then there’s so much action in the second half as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman battle Doomsday in Metropolis and Gotham that you’d end up with two very, very lopsided movies. It works as an escalation in the full script, but without major additions it seems limp.

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