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Riker to direct Star Trek 3?



Story via IGN

Jonathan Frakes, who played the fabulously bearded Commander William T. Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation, says he would be interested in directing Star Trek 3.

The third installment in the rebooted Trek movie series recently lost its director when Roberto Orci bowed out. In that void a fan campaign for Frakes arose on Twitter under the trending hashtag #BringInRiker.

If Paramount is run by female aliens, the job is HIS.
More and more fans clamored and eventually Frakes responded. In a phone interview with Komo News, the actor and director stated his interest without hesitation: “I’m all over it. I’m all over it,” he said. “I say, unabashedly, I’d be great at it and would love to do it.”

According to Frakes, he’s reached out to J.J. Abrams about the job and his agent sent word to Paramount, which has yet to respond. The studio is under some pressure to find a director quickly so it can get Trek 3 into theaters in 2016, the 50th anniversary of the original series. Current rumors point to Edgar Wright and/or Joe Cornish taking the helm, but these have yet to be substantiated.

This may all be wishful thinking on the part of fans and Frakes alike, something he acknowledges. He did a great job directing Star Trek: First Contact, considered by most to be the best of the Next Gen movies, and he directed multiple episodes of Next Gen, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. But his second Trek movie, Insurrection, received a less than warm response from fans and critics. He’s been directing primarily television since the poor reception of his last feature, 2004’s Thunderbirds.

Still, can you think of a better way to win back disillusioned hardcore fans who might have felt a little…Khaned…by Star Trek Into Darkness? Make it so, Paramount!

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