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MOAR MORDOR! New Shadow of Mordor DLC



I love Shadow of Mordor.  My good mate ( - Watch the stream for gaming good times!) streamed this game via Twitch which convinced me to buy it and after playing the storyline to completion I still stuck around to play an entire series of challenges just so I could keep the game going.  Short version, news that the DLC was here filled me with happiness and good times.

So should you play the DLC?  I started playing Lord of the Hunt last night so I should clarify one thing before continuing - the one and only thing that I found annoying about Mordor was the Dwarf and his questlines... and all of the questlines in this that aren't immediately about killing the new range of captains are about doing things with the dwarf.  Aside from that, it's more Mordor and Mordor is awesome.

If you haven't played Shadow of Mordor, do so now - if you played it and like it - get the DLC, if you're not sure either way check out the video above.

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