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Is a game that promotes genocide a step too far?

Why does this guy look like Munky from KoRn?


OK.  I'm the first person to say 'censorship is the beginning of the end of free speech'.  Without fail there is always something in this world that someone deems inappropriate and the more you give in to that force, that push to take decisions away from adults the more you are in danger of removing the next set of freedoms we all currently agree on.

Well Hatred is a game seeking to be greenlit by Steam and after a review of its content, it was pulled and then placed back a short time later.  Why was it pulled?  Because Hatred is a game where you graphically and violently kill innnocents that have no combat strategic value, aaand that's really all you do.

Now at first glance you might go "yeah ok, I've played GTA and ended a guy cause I needed money," but you'd be wrong if you thought this is the same thing.  I admit when I first heard about it I got on my 'fuck censorship' bandwagon and immediately set out to buy it... Then I watched the trailer.

This game made me feel sick, just watching it, and almost nothing makes me blink.

Don't get me wrong, Shadow of Mordor let's you decapitate orcs etc and I clap for that stuff, cause, it's an orc and it's doesn't feel 'human'.  This game is just... it's too real.  Mind you I'm the same guy who for this reason hasn't bought Manhunt or Postal so, watch the trailer and decide for yourself. Has this game gone too far, does it need to be banned or would doing so open the door to remove the right to freedom-of-choice from adults?

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