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Inside Out trailer, a look inside our heads



I'm  a pretty big fan of Pixar and I'm somewhere between thinking their latest offering could be awful or freaking awesome and not for the reasons you think.

The problem with reading about gender-equality issues is that it becomes almost impossible not to see gender issues around ever corner and part of this new movie (Inside Out) is going to be commentary on how men and women think differently, done in a presumedly comedic fashion, for our kids to absorb....

From this trailer I assume the message is 'women are patient, perceptive and intuitive' annnnnd 'men are' insert a list of antonyms here to what I just said about women.  I mean gender flip this video and picture the dad is thinking about how much luckier he'd have been if he had just hooked up with a hot female chopper pilot instead of his wife...

Yeeeeeeeah, what do you think the reaction to that would be?

So I'm going to roll eyes for that a little.  Still, it'll probably be great and I just need to get over my shit and stop seeing sexism everywhere.

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