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12 signs that you're a gamer

Sign 1: You've experienced Lag Rage


There are a series of oddities, foibles and rage-cake moments that every gamer can relate to. Think that you're a real gamer? See how many of the following ring true for you.

Sign 2:  You've also cracked it because your toon name was not available

Sign 3: You struggle not to pick up worthless objects because they may be useful later

Sign 4:  You suspect that 'secret' areas and items exist in real life and look for them

Sign 5:  You've used money for a game or gaming equipment that needed to go to something else

Sign 6: You've had RSI or gaming injuries

Sign 7:  You or your friends fail eating-and-gaming at the same time

Sign 8:  You complain that gaming companies are revenue raising pirates then buy all the DLC's anyway

Sign 9: You've quit an MMO because you can't reach through the screen to kill the trolls, which led to...

Sign 10:  You've wished to any higher power that was listening that you could punch another gamer

Sings 11: You regularly try and do other things while gaming at the same time

Sign 12:  Your ultimate guy/girl is someone who would play co-op with you

How did you do?  If you're a 12/12 gamer why not join the rest of us at where I guest most nights (Tues-Sun) on Magik Mike's twitch stream as Batman the Welcomer?


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