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LFG: 10 years in WarCraft & the release of WOD



Today is the release of the new Blizzard World of Warcraft expansion - and I am giddy with anticipation (watch the Twitch stream that I will be guesting on, from 20:00 AEST to follow my next round of WOW wins and failures).

I was first introduced to World of Warcraft (WOW) by my girlfriend.
Yeah, bet you didn't see that coming did you.

I love World of Warcraft, more for the experience than the game.  It has made me real life friends from around the globe who have flown from both interstate, and internationally, to come and hang out with myself and my girlfriend.  Now that, is freaking love.

It has also been the cause of some of the biggest dummy spits I have ever seen, or been a participent to.  WOW may be an online game, but it inspires real emotional responses.

My girlfriend has been playing since Vanilla (the first release) and sucked me in at the start of the Lich King expansion. While some of my mates are vanilla players also, I always avoided it.  I had an issue with paying monthly fees and was concerned that it would eventually take over my life.  My girlfriend however walked me through my spending habits on video games and argued that sticking with just WOW was much cheaper (she's right).

But why would anyone want to stick with one game? The answer - because WOW is awesome.

Sure the graphics are ridiculous, yes it's filled with brats now, and it's painful when someone in your group is a complete fail train - but when it comes together, when you find you're little band of adventurers and down a raid boss or pull off an achieve... You feel like the MVP of your own sports team.

PVE Since Vanilla, flying in formation
Unfortunately my second concern of it taking over my life was completely reasonable.

After levelling to level 80 (the max level at that point) on my huntard hunter, I desperately wanted more raid time and as I started out life on the American server Muradin as part of a horde PVP guild run by my now long-time-friend Demascus (aka Andrew Muench who you will find as a creative contributor on this site), the time zone clash between America and Australia meant I needed to move to the Oceana server Caelestrasz.  At my side was Mike Smith (aka MagiktheGamer who you will also find floating around this site as a contributing Twitch Streamer) and my other half Sandra Golda.

I took them to Caelestrasz with the promise of joining a nice friendly, established Alliance guild...
Which is when I started the guild PVE Since Vanilla and forced them to be officers against their will.

And the ride, was glorious.

I walked away however about 12 months ago and handed the guild over to my other half.  Why? I woke up one day with 7 x level 90 toons and found that I was grinding out dailies on all of them. Which meant I had no time to do anything else.  Add to that trying to run a guild, raid lead and help people with their toons in a gaming environment where guild ranks suddenly meant more and more people expected to be carried instead of working for their raid spot.

Well two things have just changed that scenario.  Guild ranks are gone, which hopefully returns WOW's work ethic of 'earn your damn spot in this raid/guild' and the expansion Warlords of Draenor is arriving at 4pm this afternoon, QLD time. Which means only one thing people...

Mount up!

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LFG: A documentary on 10 years in WOW

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