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Ex Machina: Blade Runner meets Pschological thriller



I wasn't sure if I was going to like this movie.  Hollywood has a tendency to pandering to angry christian mums with PG-13 rubbish that makes my avoid the cinema like it's personally responsible for the re-introduction of leprosy.  Which is why this movie is such a pleasant surprise, for a start it's got an N-17 rating which you know means they aren't pandering to anyone - they made a movie, and now it's up to you as to whether it's something in your wheelhouse.  Bravo!

Personally I knew nothing about this movie before the trailer, I thought that maybe it was a spin on the Deus Ex gaming franchise, but it's clearly much more a case of Blade Runner meets psychological thriller - and that's completely my cup of tea.  Check out the trailer and see what you think.

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