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Classic Star Wars behind the scenes pics



When I was a kid I had Croup - like constantly.  It's pretty shitty, it involves a lot of coughing your lungs out of your body in a fashion that sounds a lot like a seal being violated.  In short I spent a lot of my early years wishing for a new pair of lungs - until the day a cinema in Brisbane did a back to back run all the first three Star Wars movies.

My eyes were so big you could have used them as a helicopter landing pad and my mother's retelling of this tale involves her amazement at my ability to sit still, absolutely silent without the need to go the bathroom, for hours.

Short version, I love Star Wars like other people enjoy oxygen.  I stumbled across this lovely collection of behind-the-scenes photography on the set of the original movies and looking at them gave me happy nostalgia feelings and I thought I'd share those with you.

Check out all the pics and explanations of them over here.

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