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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer released, featuring Emily Ratajkowski and Taylor Kitsch



There's a new trailer for COD which you can Gasm over below.

I don't play Call of Duty, though I've seen plenty of it because my mates do.  I'm A) a sniper by trade in FPS and B) I can't use my damn thumbs to play FPS - I need a keyboard.  Sure you can play COD on PC now, but I tried it for 2 minutes on Playstation and the experience of being repeatedly PWNED left a sour taste in my mouth.

I short, I've always argued that I'm too noobish for COD.

However the new trailer looks freaking awesome and is making me seriously rethink my position and also happens to feature Friday Nights Live favourite Taylor Kitsch and one of our CELEB-bait favourite hotties, Emily Ratajkowski. Check it out:

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Emily Ratajkowski

Taylor Kitsch

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  1. I also believe Kevin Spacey is in this game as well.