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Australian builds real street legal Bat-mobile



Why build a batmobile? Because..."Straya!"

A Batman fanboy in Australia has become the real-life hero of DC Comics fans everywhere by building his own street-legal Batmobile. 29-year-old Zac Mihajlovic might be lacking certain features (like the ability to climb walls), but at least it’s clearly the most stylish car on the road in Australia.

Mihajlovic actually sourced some of the components from the original 1989 Batmobile, although grappling hooks and smokescreen devices were not purchased. Mihajlovic has received numerous bids from Batman fans around the globe wanting to purchase his street-legal Batmobile, he has decided not to sell it, and would prefer to treat children from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to rides. He dresses up as Batman and surprises kids, and has done this over 40 times already since completing the Batmobile. Sometimes, he even shows up at a child’s house to surprise them. He also takes the Batmobile grocery shopping, so there’s that.

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