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X-men: Apocolypse to feature Tom Hardy



So my relationship with the X-men series is tenuous, unlike my friend Mike (go watch Mike's twitch stream here) who would probably dry hump every X-men character ever made if given the opportunity. My comic of choice was Conan the Barbarian *cough* and Ducktales *cough* when I was a wee lad so I missed the whole love affair with the X-men until it became mainstream via the movies.

Well the movies are re-donk-u-lously awesome and made me grab a copy of every animated X-men thing ever made which is what started my love affair with X-men villian, Apocolypse.  Apocolypse is the oldest mutant in the X-men universe and has been busy being a villian for so long that he makes most of the other X-men villians look like a bad case of confused friendly fire, so when it was announced that the next X-men movie will focus on him, I freaking danced!

The latest piece of news on the movie is that the worlds greatest villian will be played by none other than Tom Hardy who recently took on the role of the villian Bane in The Dark Knight Rises movie. anyway for the full skinny on Tom being approached for the role head on over to here:

Tom Hardy article.

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