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Star Wars The Old Republic expansion announced (Dec 2014)



I love Revan.

The original Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) was freaking RPG gold and is one of the few games in this world, that is not sandbox, that I have played multiple times to conclusion.  To say that my Star Wars fanboy-ness reached epic levels of happiness when they originally announced the The Old Republic (TOR) MMO... such an understatement.

When the game was released I was first in line and for two weeks I gladly traded sleep for 'must play more Star Wars'.  My Sith Sorcerer makes me creepily happy, I enjoy lightning-bolting people like few others. Not only was the storyline to this game fantastic, particularly the interactions with your followers, but the PVP... goddam I can't remember the last time I had that much fun PVPing anything.  Hutball was the best thing I have played in forever and if anything my frustration with the game became not the game itself, but other people - I didn't know any.

Expansion Trailer

The problem with MMOs is they live and die beyond a single playthrough based on their uptake by people you know and their playability with those other people, it becomes less about the game and more about the personal interaction.  Only one of my friends took up the gauntlet of TOR (everyone else was still in World of Warcraft) and while I rolled a bunch of other toons and ran them... it just wasn't as satisfying as the first playthrough, particularly as what I wanted to do was get a bunch of my mates together and smash the hell out Hutball via planned team runs.

Unfortunately, that friend doesn't PVP and my guild never seemed to be on during Australian times because they were all American (a problem commonly faced by Aussie gamers).

So when Shadow of Revan, the new TOR expansion was announced... I paused.

I am a mad mad fan of the franchise, but ultimately I see me just hanging out as this sad loner in TOR again wishing I had friends to play with.  That feeling makes me want to form a personal relationship with the holy spirit (and by that, I mean bourbon) not play MMOs.

...But Revan is sooooo sexy as a character.

In my personal opinion, Revan does for Star Wars what The Lich King did for WOW (shut up Vanilla players who just said 'What... wreck it?').

When it comes to gaming villains that you fall in love with, KOTOR made Revan the villain of all villains and he's freaking beautiful.  He appears briefly in the first playthrough of TOR but a whole story line around him... I have to admit... that's pretty tempting.

At the moment TOR is free-to-play with significant perks for paid subscriptions but if you've never tried it before it won't cost you anything to give it a go.  Buying the addons costs money, but if you liked the original... maybe it's time to pick up a light saber again?

I personally will be poking all my friends to see if they'll pick one up with me, but if they say 'yes' - expect to hear the crackle of Sith Lightning in the near future.

Find out about the Shadow of Revan expansion or how to sign up for TOR at the official site here:

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