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Sims 4 free new Halloween update



Sims 4 is releasing a series of new and free updates with its next Halloween patch including ghosts that are playable and can be added to your household or brought back to life.

Other fun bits will be the new Star wars themed outfits for all of your characters:

Also making a comeback will be pools, their absence from the game caused some fans displeasure.
New hair and eye colours are on the way as well as new careers and aspirations.  The thing is - none of this is really 'new'.  Is it nice?  Sure, it has cosmetic appeal.  But Sims has slowly been stagnating in its approach of just producing more and more of the same - but prettier.

When I played Sims 4 I was frustrated as hell by bugs, though still hooked for a couple days before things just started to annoy me.  It's much harder to advance in careers and to romantically advance with anyone at all (which is just annoying for the sake of being annoying).  The career challenges would be fine if I didn't need to essentially complete every career to be allowed to buy the best stuff in the game.

I got married in this game and there is an achieve for a gold level marriage ceremony - the last component of the achieve was to have my guests watch the ceremony.  I started the ceremony and one of the guests decided to have a nap and didn't see it, so my achieve failed.  But as I was in the ceremony, I couldn't do anything to wake them up - little things like that annnnnoy the hell out of me.

The game is gorgeous, and I'm glad the patch is being released... but it's all stuff that should have come with the install disk so this feels less like a bonus and more like they are cleaning up after their mistakes.

I don't know, Sims 4 has fallen flat for me - how do you feel about it?

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