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Rihanna to be in next Bond movie?



I am a maaaad James Bond fan.  I have happy-fun-time nostalgia for Bond like no other films series. I remember sitting on my dads lap, watching Bond kick ass - and then trying to look through my dads fingers as he covered my eyes every time a woman got naked...

Come to think of it, I may not have seen that much of the Bond movies based on that...

But my memories are very happy of what I did see and I spent many an hour chasing 'Jaws' and similar Bond villians in my parents back yard.

The next bond movie 'Bond 24' will see the return of Daniel Craig as James Bond.  I was a nay-sayer when Daniel got the gig but after the last Bond movie I have to say, he's the best Bond since Roger Moore (with Sean Connery still clearly the best).  I'd even go so far as to say the last Bond is the best in the series (big call I know, but I really loved it and I just recently rewatched them all).

No Bond movie is complete however without the amazing Bond women, and the latest target for the Bond franchise is none other that Rihanna.  I have to say, that makes me pretty pleased.  Rihanna oozes a quiet, confident sexuality that you don't see too often - she's strong and feminine.

This is one of the rumor mills floating around on the subject:

The ‘Umbrella’ singer has been approached by producers to star in the upcoming James Bond film alongside Daniel Craig, according to The Sunday MirrorBond 24 is expected to begin filming on December 6, and is due for a November 2015 release. Director Sam Mendes’ follow-up to Skyfall, which will see Daniel Craig return for his fourth film as the spy, has recently been in the process of a rewrite by long-time franchise writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

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