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MARVEL MOVIE NEWS: The most epic rundown of what's to come

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Marvel is making more money than Scrooge McDuck on its franchise and it has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Here's Andrew Muench's rundown on Marvel's phased approach to releasing Marvel movies and what we can expect to come out soon.

After the original Iron Man was a success, Marvel put into motion its notion of (the ocean?) a phased Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each phase is a chunk of the one massive overarching story as a cohesive section with ties to the huge Avenger's Infinity War that it's all been building up to.

  • Phase one was everything up to the first Avenger's movie. 
  • Phase two is everything from there up to the next Avenger's movie (Age of Ultron) with Ant Man sneaking in behind it.
  • Phase three begins with Captain America 3. 

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige hosted an event in Los Angeles today (10/28/14) confirming the next Phase of Marvel superhero movies and giving us some details and tidbits about each project.

Overall timeline of planned movies for Phase 3

You'll note that one of the movies in the image is Captain America: Serpent Society - this was a joke, please ignore it. Here's what I can tell you about some of the others though.

Pick a movie:
Not a movie but in Marvel-related movie news: 

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Andrew Muench

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Andrew has been a table-top RPG, PC and martial arts nerd for over a decade and holds a verbal black belt in witty quips and one-liners while raid leading or PVPing in World of Warcraft.  His interest in writing is built upon an adoration for storytelling, “I love building worlds and seeing people enjoy what I create.” 

Andrew resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia, within the greatest nation of them all—‘Merica’.

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