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Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth and Dark Crystal sequels announced



So there was an interview with Billy Crystal by Variety and tucked away at the very end of it was the news that Henson Co. is working on new material for Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth and The Dark Cyrstal.

Variety article here.

The new Fraggle Rock and Dark Crystal movies will be sequels to the original movies while the new Labyrinth will be a spin off within the same universe, but not an actual sequel.  I think that's too bad because while I don't know how David Bowie is going these days I think Jennifer Connelly would be great to recast as maybe the adult version of her character from the original while the new storyline could follow the adventures of her daughter.

A part of me does worry that these nostalgia peices just won't transfer well to a new generation of children.

While Fraggle Rock was pretty tame I know that my ex-wife was wordlessly terrified by The Dark Crystal as a child and refused to rewatch it even as an adult and my current partner had the same drama with The Labyrinth.  That probably says something about those movies which while meant for kids, they had this lovely dark overtone that I think will probably be lost on a generation of children that are handed awards for participation rather than achievement and attend schools where the each steel pole is covered in foam casing lest they smash into one of them while walking and texting.

I have this feeling that the movies will be dumbed down and coddled in such a way that they will be palatable to a group of well meaning, yet overprotectively, anal parents and without that original tone they will fall flat.

I don't know, what do you think?  Will the movies hold true to their original flavor or regardless will they fly or flop for a new generation of kids?

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