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Angry-alien-earthworms return in Tremors 5

The first still released of the upcoming movie 'Tremors 5"


When I was a teenager I was a complete Horror Whore.  If it sat in the horror section of my video store, I had somehow snuck it under my house and watched it on a video player I'd acquired for just this purpose (horror was banned by my parents).  That is probably the only reason that I've seen any of the Tremors movies, and I love them all and you will too.

Tremors is the best and worst of the horror genre combined, if you're into non-gore B-Grade horror, Tremors must be added to your bucket list of movies to watch.  It follows the adventures of an alien spawn that has somehow crash-landed in a desert valley in America; alien spawn that tunnel through the earth at the speed of what is essentially a land-shark and is eating everything that sticks its feet on loose soil.

Sounds terrible right?  It is - but somehow that just adds to its charm, and it is a concept so charming that it churned out four movies in the series and now 23 years after the original, the fifth movie in the franchise is on its way.

For a look at the skinny on Tremors 5 see this article here.

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