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Walking Dead Spin-off is green-lit! + Z-Nation coming next season!


If you're following this blog you'll know I have a weakness (no not bewbs, wait... yes, that too) and it's zombies.  I have a long time love/hate relationship with zombies.  Disease/losing your mind and having people you love turn against you are my trifecta for things that scare the utter shit out of me - and zombies represent all three.  Strangely, I'm fascinated by anything that scares me so rather than avoid things like zombie movies and games, I engage and follow them with reckless abandon.

When the Walking Dead series arrived I was instantly and overwhelmingly enamoured with it.  I simply can't get enough it - which is handy as more of it is on the way...

A Walking Dead spin off has been discussed for some time now.  The argument for its creation being that the universe is really popular but the writers are limited in what they can do by the show's storyline being tied to the dark horse comic characters and story arc created by Robert Kirkland.  The writers and producers were interested in more freedom, a capacity to create an original story in that same universe.  Well now that wish has now been granted with a pilot for the news series being green-lit:

Some articles related to the pilot release:

Z Nation
On a side note if you are the kind of zombie nut that I am, you may be very interested to see that there is a new zombie series coming out next season featuring Michael Dawson (Lost) and DJ Qualls (The New Guy, Supernatural).  I think TWD still looks better, but it's just a pilot trailer - who knows where it could go.

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