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Sunset Overdrive: Prepare for gaming insanity



So when I first saw Sunset Overdrive I was like... meh.  I'm not a console gamer, I'm a PC guy, so I don't tend to care when something comes out on console.  But after reading about it and watching the trailer, I think this is going to be balls to the walls fun!

Watch the trailer and get a glimpse at the tone of the game:

The purpose of Sunset Overdrive (made by Insomniac Games) is to provide you with a game where everything is insanely interactable, you can jump on every surface, wallwalk, bounce, jump, glide -

In short the term 'duck and cover' will be completely irrellevant in this game.

...Which probably means that as I am always a sniper in FPS games, that I"m screwed.

Add to this: WEAPONS.  If you can touch it, you can use it and most likely combine it with something else to make something completely silly, yet deadly, to the hordes of roving mutants created by an energy drink gone bad.  Yes, that's the story of how the bad guys were made in this game.  Less of a a 'Red Bull gives you wings' scenario and more of a 'Red bull gives you horns... and teeth, claws, scales-'

You get the point.

What do you think - will you be looking to play Sunset Overdrive when it comes out?

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