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My first date with Summer Holiday – A Sims 4 game review


Been a long time since Sims 1
I remember looking at her as we walked, I think she could feel my eyes on her because she glanced back to look at me. Her lips parted, shy, but knowing. As she did I felt my heart beat a hole through my chest. I still couldn’t believe she’d said ‘yes’—how could this person, this angel, have agreed to spend her time with me?
In a rare moment of courage, I took her hand and turned her towards me. 
As our eyes met I could feel the tension between us.  I nervously confessed my attraction to her and asked her if she felt the same. With a laugh, she spoke of our chemistry. 
ZING! Win! I'm in!
This was it, this was my moment... 
I reached behind my back, and as if by magic I grabbed a hidden rose.  With a bow and a flourish I displayed my gift to my lady.
Surprised, she put a hand to her chest and reached out to accept the gift. Her fingers long and lovely caressed the stem-
... And then she fucking imploded!
IMPLODED! HOW THE FUCK DOES A DATE IMPLODE??? *Poof* Gone, just like that…

Dear EA,

I wish to discuss the bugs you have left in Sims 4. 'Chunks-of-date-red' is not my color. Though I suppose it could have been worse; she could have said, 'it's not you, it's me...'


I am a big fan of the Sims franchise.  When the first Sims game came out I lived with my girlfriend and one of my best mates - the mighty Grugg.  Grugg owned the game, I owned the household PC, and my girlfriend wellll she was lord and mistress of the vagina and called the shots based on what she often referred to as 'The Punani Rule'.  We were all completely addicted to The Sims, so much so that we took 8 hour round the clock shifts to play it, Grugg got day shift, the girlfriend got the evening shift, and I - as the resident night owl - got the midnight til daylight shift.

To say I was excited that Sims 4 was on its way is an understatement. Sims 2 was a godsend and Sims 3 was a decent follower.  The things people said were going to happen with Sims 4?  I just couldn't wait so I pre-ordered my copy off months in advance.

My fervor was only slightly dimmed when the first thing that happened was a video card error warning... and there was a typo ('with' instead of the word 'wish') in the error message. Thaaaat can never be a good sign.

I was thrown a little bit again when the controls had changed and were very reminiscent of Sims 1. For a little while I cracked it as I struggled to place objects and purchase items but quickly discovered a rhythm.

However I like the new GUI, by default it shows a lot more of the play screen whereas the previous Sims GUI took up a lot of the playable space.  Things take a sec to find and get used to, but not long.

Dan 'the writing man-whore' is ready to hit the town

When I played the original Sims I was always a complete whore 'Romance' Sim.  Since then I've matured and now enjoy being a paternal man whore 'Family' Sim.  My mission is to see how many kids I can put into the world with different women, then when the old man kicks the bucket, play on with the firstborn and repeat.

*cough* Life is about simple pleasures.

I'm always very picky about the people I have kids with, while I want to populate the world with rugrats, a good mum is a must if we are to be a duo.

The graphics in this game are amaze-balls compared to previous Sims games and my simeon quickly found his head spinning as girls of every description jogged passed him when he made his early wanderings through the street in search of the first mother of his children.  I quickly struck up conversations with several passersby - but we didn't seem to have too much in common: too snooty, boring, shy.  ARG!  I hate shy girls!

Just as I'd given up hope - lo and behold, there was Summer Holiday.  Summer is one of your early neighbours and we both had something in common, the obnoxious twat 'outgoing' trait which meant we were an instant hit.

The lady Summer Holiday is feeling happy as can be seen by the green emote in the left hand corner next to her portrait

Sims 4 has a new emote system which means you can't just force stuff like you used to be able to, you can try and flirt your butt off - but if you're not in the mood or the target of your affections is not, it's just not going to happen easily (or possibly at all).  There is also a separate love meter to the friendship meter which makes an amazing amount of sense, just because you're best mates doesn't mean you have chemistry.  However if you're making strides, the emote system will let you know that you're feeling flirty.

Come to me woman and let me smooch thee with mah kisses

There are a series of additional complications to the game which actually add playability; the best household items in the game can't be unlocked until you complete certain careers.  This at first pissed me off, I'm a writer and I want to write (books now have to be published via clicking on your mailbox when completed - I accidentally deleted my first three books trying to sell them), I don't want to be a freaking astronaut or business mogul just so I can buy a cool chair or fridge.  But the more you play, the more things you can aim for once you're established.

Even dates have expected achievements now as part of the experience which I thought was fabulous, until Summer vanished into thin air on our first date when I handed her a rose.  The thought that the only girl in the land that I'd had a connection with had just imploded due to buggy code made me rage beyond words.  Fortunately when I finally worked out how to go home (a home icon appears on your portrait when you are out) Summer was waiting at my door.

The are also tonnes more skills, you can become a pro at almost everything, even playing video games if you have the 'geek' trait like I.  Money via jobs seems a real slow go, but just wandering around the neighbourhood harvesting plants and digging up rocks is good money - I haven't had a job since I started, I forage and write for cash and my Sim is constantly happy.  My girlfriend (IRL) however went down the path of getting 'a real job' and is constantly miserable (she since then however married into money and is now wealthy).  [Comment from IRL GF: "My Sim isn't perpetually miserable, she's just busy gardening and needs more showers is all!"]

Short version, the game is playable in every way the original series were - you'll either love or hate the new additions as they add complexity to the game. That being said, it's buggy as hell, and you may be better off waiting till it's patched.

Until the patch comes out, I'll be playing it anyway.

SCORE: 17 bannanas out of 4 floppy noodles (aka: I like it).

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